THOUSAND OAKS, CA (March 11, 2019) New Solar Array Will Provide Free Electricity to Low-Income Tenants– Everyday Energy and their partner Omni Energy have contracted with Many Mansions to install a 137Kw solar array on the Hillcrest Villas property. The solar power will offset tenants’ electricity costs while also providing power to common areas. Hillcrest accommodates roughly 200 low-income, extremely low-income, and homeless persons with a mental disability.

“The cost of living in California is amongst the highest in the nation. We are at the forefront of a major housing crisis where our residents cannot afford to live in our economy,” said Rod Thompson Jr., Project Manager at Many Mansions. “These rising costs are driving people to either move further away from our major cities or in extreme cases to become homeless. While we strive to produce additional housing units with affordability restrictions, we must also contemplate all other housing costs that a resident is subjected to, which includes utilities. Being able to provide a resident with a reduction in their utility costs can go a long way toward helping a family maintain their housing and manage their expenses in a way that will keep them successful in communities where they otherwise would face being priced out.”

Many Mansions, a nonprofit affordable housing and service provider, delivers ‘hope and homes’ with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Many Mansions is Ventura County’s leading provider of supportive affordable housing—housing for persons and families who were chronically homeless and/or disabled.

“Working with Everyday Energy/Omni Energy has been one of the highest quality partnerships we have ever formed.” Said Thompson Jr., “The team provides support above and beyond the call of duty. They take the time to educate you on the programmatic benefits of the various solar incentive programs and to educate you on how solar generation can benefit your property in a way that is digestible for someone unfamiliar with the complexities of these systems. Everyday Energy and Omni Energy owned the development process in its entirety and completed the projects with minimum intrusion on the ownership’s staff time. Trustworthy and reliable come to mind when we consider our partnership with California’s best low-income solar experts.”

This agreement is in conjunction with the Solar On Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program governed by the California Public Utilities Commission. 

Together, Everyday Energy and Omni Energy are California’s most experienced developers of solar installations for multifamily affordable housing, with 10 times more solar PV developed than the nearest competitor through the California Solar Initiative programs. They championed California’s $1 billion SOMAH legislation. 

“We are seeing real momentum towards renewables in the affordable housing industry,” said Andy Blauvelt, senior vice president at Everyday Energy. “Many Mansions has demonstrated leadership in the space and a continued commitment to these projects. When executives and decision makers see a well-respected player like Many Mansions seek out sustainable solutions, it gets the attention of similar organizations looking to make similar impact.” 

Omni Energy was formed to bring together a veteran team of renewable energy experts and investors with deep understanding of the solar industry, eager to create high-impact initiatives, particularly those with a double bottom line of business and social benefits. Everyday Energy’s leadership and experience in affordable housing solar was exactly the type of program Omni leaders were seeking. The two companies now work in strategic partnership offering a comprehensive and industry leading multi-family affordable solar platform.

“We are honored to work with Many Mansions,” said Jesse Jones, chief executive officer at Omni Energy. “The two biggest challenges we face in California are climate change and housing, and projects like these are able to address both at once.” 

All projects will be installed in 2019.  

About Everyday Energy and Omni Energy 

EVERYDAY ENERGY and OMNI ENERGY are sister companies that work to develop best-in-class solar solutions for multifamily affordable housing. Everyday Energy is celebrating 10 years focused exclusively on the needs of the affordable housing community. Comprised of executives and board members from the nation’s largest renewable energy companies, Omni Energy offers decades of industry experience and a proven track record of solar financial and operational proficiency. Together they share a goal of serving 150,000 low-income California residents in 2019.

About Many Mansions

Founded in 1979, Many Mansions provides affordable rental housing in the Conejo Valley and throughout Ventura County for persons and families who are very low income, homeless, and/or disabled.  Many Mansions is Ventura County’s leading provider of supportive affordable housing—housing for persons and families who were chronically homeless. Many Mansions also provides on-site ‘life enriching’ service programs for residents, along with one-on-one counseling and workshops designed to increase the residents’ self-sufficiency, life skills, and job development.

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