An Industry Leading Partnership

Omni Energy is excited to announce that it has partnered with Everyday Energy to provide its Solar Access Platform that is committed to providing free solar to 120,000 low income residents and job training opportunities to Californians who live in Disadvantaged Communities, which equates to providing the financial and environmental advantages of 100 Megawatts of solar PV.

Everyday Energy has been exclusively focused on providing solar to multifamily affordable housing developments for 10 years and has pioneered the use of virtual net metering, an innovative way that provides the financial benefits of solar directly to residents.

In our 10 years, Everyday Energy has developed 10 times more solar PV than our nearest competitor through the California Solar Initiative’s MASH program. We utilized our extensive experience to originate and champion the Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (“SOMAH”) Program that provides up to $1 Billion in incentives for solar on affordable housing.

Based on our years of experience, we have been able to produce the industry’s only affordable housing specific Solar Service Agreement that has been vetted by major affordable housing developers and is bankable.   Through this offering, we are in a position to work with affordable housing providers to develop solar PV from beginning to end that provides significant economic, environmental, and community benefits.

We invite all affordable housing developers to join us in our march to provide Solar Access.  Our program guarantees that the solar will have a 20 year warranty, with operations, maintenance, monitoring, and all compliance included.

Innovative and Advantageous Program

Everyday Energy and Omni Energy has designed the Solar Access Program to provide the most value to owners and residents through the use of solar rebates, tax equity, and debt.   This means there is no funding gap.  There has been a lot of noise about SOMAH and its rebates.   Most of the noise comes from inexperienced folks who are excited about the opportunity SOMAH presents.  Don’t be fooled by a low cost provider with little to no experience.  Everyday Energy has gained new clients because it was able t step in and correctly complete a complex installation of stranded solar left by an inexperienced company and we have stepped in to revived expiring solar rebates for companies that were sold on financing that did not exist.

Experience and track record matter.  Everyday Energy is the most experienced developer of multifamily affordable housing solar and has financing in place today.  We manage the process so you don’t have to and we bridge both the experience and funding gap posed by the SOMAH Program.


Risk Free

The Solar Access Platform provides best in class, proven results that are turnkey.  Just press the Easy Button.   Everyday Energy covers the administrative costs of identifying and developing each site for solar and then guarantee the performance.

Double Bottom Line

Everyday Energy’s Solar Access Platform achieves a double bottom line.  It makes financial sense, utilizes sophisticated financing, and provides tangible financial assistance to low income residents.  Our Solar Access Platform helps us all to do well while are doing good.

The Solar Access Platform

Everyday Energy is excited to announce that it has executed an Agreement with Affirmed Housing to develop 8 Megawatts of Solar PV in support of its Access Program.  According to Jim Silverwood, the President and CEO of Affirmed Housing, “the financial benefits of solar help to significantly lower our tenants’ electricity bills and provide stability to our affordable housing asset.”